Selected Examples and Pictures from EDA

Selected Examples and Pictures from EDA 2018-01-28T11:30:26+00:00

Evaluation of data from JMatPro

EDA JM offers new perspectives on data from JMatPro. Database queries as well as tabular and graphical comparisons of material properties are possible.

EDA uses a subset of the comprehensive Gnuplot functionality for graphics – we can easily expose more of this functionality.

Interactive documents

EDA KI provides a powerful wiki system that allows you to create complex, structured documents. Graphs and tables from JM and MM can also be integrated (bidirectionally), such as formulas, models, references, bibliographies. High-quality printouts can be generated – EDA uses the integrated typesetting system LaTeX, which is the de facto standard for the communication and publication of scientific documents.

Data analysis and curve fitting

EDA MM can import n-dimensional data records into its database, consolidate these data, place them on defined grids and average them. For a parameterization of constitutive materials models, e.g. flow curves comprehensive fit functions from the Python SciPy library are available.

Document management

EDA KI also allows the management of bibliographic references and their attachments. Upon loading into the system PDF and Office documents are rendered for visualization and an index for full text retrieval is created (integrated Elastic Search). Bibliographic references can be imported from Zotero. Links between references, associated files, and the wiki documents are created.