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We are FOSTA Member


We are member of the Research Association for Steel Application (FOSTA) The Research Association for Steel Application (FOSTA) is a non-profit and legally autonomous research association within the steel sector. FOSTA’s research focuses on a wide range of topics, whereby the research work is also oriented upon public debate. Topics [...]

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JMatPro version 10.1 released


JMatPro version 10.1 released NEW FEATURES allow use of General Steels TTT calibration in hot-rolling EXPORT CHANGES new export to LS-DYNA (CWM model) DATABASE CHANGES adjusted LAVES phase in Fe.db Ni.db Co.db Ti.db and Zr.db adjusted CU phase in Fe.db adjusted molar volume for Q_AL7CU3MG6 MG2CU AL7CR M2P AL7CR BETA_MN [...]

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JMatPro Robots


JMatPro Robots - scripting/automation of JMatPro JMatPro robots complement EDA JM EDA JM allows you to evaluate and assess thousands of  JMatPro calculations - this can be used to visualize the influence of changes within the chemical composition on process stability. We are using JMatpro scripts a long time internally [...]

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JMatPro version 10 released


JMatPro Version 10 released Version 10.0 of JMatPro NEW FEATURES: addition of calculation of C diffusion in welds addition of dissimilar metal welds for Ni alloys remodelled simultaneous precipitation in steels including second stage option addition of AlN,MN and M(C,N) isothermal and TTP calculations for steels addition of high temperature [...]

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