EDA Core
The foundation for material data and their processing

EDA Core forms the basis for all further EDA modules. With EDA Core users have the possibility to use a central source for material data.


Material data is often scattered over many different departments and users are not coordinated with each other. A central tool is missing.


EDA uses the most modern, mature and open software components in order to be independent from third parties


Benefits of EDA Core

  1. Future-security through use of open components and sustainable data format
  2. Central database for all information about materials
  3. Optimal communication among employees and departments
  4. Integration into existing systems (ERP, PLM, CAx)
  5. Expandability with further modules


  1. Many of the available tools work with proprietary data formats, which means that the data can only be read by the right software
  2. Customers often become dependent on software providers who can only read their own data with certain products


  1. The data format in EDA is a human readable JSON format. If the software is no longer available, the data can still be read manually and are not lost
  2. The database is freely scalable, so the solution is suitable for all company sizes
  3. The functional range can be extended at any time with further EDA modules