Company-wide management of base data for materials

Inconsistent and contradicting
material data cost time and budget


EDA DM provides companies with a central material data management system


Challenges in data management

Without a central system several problems arise:

  1. The departments are not coordinated with each other, resulting in multiple activities, multiple data storage and inconsistency
  2. Different isolated applications create their own data silos and hold data in different formats, names and units
  3. The traceability of decisions is not given and it is not clear which system is responsible for data management

Data management with EDA DM

  1. All departments can access the system and generate, process and archive the respective data
  2. The displayed data and properties of the materials can be determined individually for each user and group
  3. EDA DM works with versions and revisions so that all processes and changes are transparent and traceable

Benefits of EDA DM

  1. „Single Source of Truth“ for material development
  2. Traceability across all divisions and departments
  3. Efficient information exchange between departments
  4. Integration with existing systems like ERP, PLM, CAD and CAE
  5. Time saving in the search and selection of materials