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8. JMatPro User Conference JMPC2018

The 8th JMatPro User Conference (Language is a mix of German and English) is the platform for sharing experiences and maintaining contacts with other interested parties, newcomers, experts and developers of JMatPro.

Materials are at the same time drivers for innovation and costs. Standardized material designations and corresponding material data are often not sufficient to achieve optimum performance, minimum costs and stable manufacturing processes. The analysis-specific material simulation with JMatPro® has meanwhile become a key to the successful development of resource-efficient products and optimized production processes. Instead of catalogs and classic material databases with typical average values ​​or standard values, JMatPro generates specific and consistent data to be used for subsequent FEM-simulations.

The event includes presentations by product developers and customer presentations:

  • Dr. Jean-Philippe Schillé, SenteSoftware Ltd.: „JMatPro: overview of recent and future developments”
  • Dr. Zhanli Guo, SenteSoftware Ltd.: „Technical development for future versions of JMatPro “
  • Dr. Bernd Koch, Otto Fuchs KG: „First Steps from Plotting to Believing with the Al- and Ni-Modules of JMatPro”
  • Dr. Vadym Kochubey, voestapline Böhler Welding Germany GmbH: „Vorhersage von stabilen Phasen und Übergängen im bainitisch-martensitischen 2,25Cr-1Mo-0,25V-Stahl“
  • Dr. Rafael Miranda, SenteSoftware Ltd.: „Improved modelling of solidification in Stainless Steels and magnetic permeability in General Steels “
  • Gerald Rothenbucher, simufact engineering GmbH: „Beispiele zu Verwendung mit JMatPro generier ter Materialdaten bei der Simulation von Wärmebehandlungsprozessen in Simufact Forming”
  • Dr. Jianan Hu, SenteSoftware Ltd: „Modelling of high temperature forming limit diagram and Al3Li strengthening in Al alloys“
  • Dr. Tobias Loose,  Dr. Jens Prehm, Dynaweld GmbH & Co KG: „Coupling of material simul ation with JMatPro with heat treatment and welding simulationwith MatplusHQ and DynaWeld”
  • Dr. Igor Alperovic, Matplus GmbH: “JMatPro Robots: Automatisierung von JMatPro für komplexe Fragestellungen”
  • Dr. Petra Becker, Dr. Alex Miron, Matplus GmbH: „ICME mit JMatPro: Optimierung von Werkstoffeigenschaften mit EDA JM Version 2“
  • Michael Piott, Daimler AG Sindelfingen: „Materialkartenerstellung für die Schweißsimulation”

In presentations and discussions, your specific questions can also be dealt with.

Please use the registration to let us know your questions. During the user conference the full version of JMatPro will be available again in our training environment – take the opportunity to get to know more modules! Venue will be the Hotel Vienna House in the center of Wuppertal.

Use our invitation form on the German page.