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Materials optimization and knowledge management

Materials technology has become the driver of innovation. It enables differentiation through superior products on the market. The practical and computer-aided design of materials (ICME – Integrated Computational Materials Engineering) is of outstanding importance here. The systematic use of existing data and knowledge remains an important basis and success factor.

EDA stands for the next generation material data system based on open standards and supports:

  • Materials innovation: computer-aided design and optimization of metallic structural materials     
  • Robust processes: Identification of analytical limits for the stabilization of products and manufacturing processes     
  • Material data management: combination of material data from different sources (reference databases, material testing, material simulation)    
  • Simulation:  Consistent material cards for CAE calculations (data compression, consolidation, modeling)    
  • Knowledge Management: Integration of data and knowledge with advanced wiki systems and full-text search     
  • Scalability: From groupware for a few users to the ability to be integrated into enterprise IT environments of large companies

Interactive work with the next generation of material data management

This workshop gives an overview of the possibilities of EDA – at the same time the easy use of the system can be experienced in practical exercises.

New reference databases as a focus:     

  • Aerospace materials data based on MMPDS (Metallic Materials Properties Development and Standardization). As licensee of Battelle / USA, we will offer this unique source for statistically validated design data for metallic materials in aviation from Q1 / 2019. Of course, our extended database is multilingual (currently German / English) and available in metric units.     
  • The leading steel database in Europe StahlDat SX is also available as a multi-language system in EDA

Participants and target audiance

  • Customers who already use EDA today and want to discuss new possibilities with us     
  • JMatPro users who want to get in touch with the advanced ICME capabilities of EDA     
  • Decision-makers and material experts looking for new solution

Max. number of participants: 15 – registration required


9:30 Registration

10:00 Lectures and workshop 1

Uwe Diekmann: “EDA – Introduction to the next generation of material data management”

  • Integration of sophisticated data and knowledge from various sources     
  • State-of-the-art and open standards for a lean and sustainable IT-solution

Petra Becker: “Computer-aided material and process development (ICME) with EDA”     

  • EDA as data warehouse for simulation data from JMatPro     
  • Practical workshop: Advanced data analysis for the optimization of a tempered steel

Uwe Diekmann: “From materials testing to the material model for CAE applications”     

  • Integrated functions for reading, consolidating, compressing data with subsequent generation of flow curves using the example of tensile tests    
  • Practical workshop: Creating material models using the example of fitting measured flow curves to the “Zerilli-Armstrong” model

12:00 Lunch break and discussions

13:00 Lectures and workshop 2

Petra Becker: “Integration of Data and Knowledge in EDA – Practical Knowledge Management: Use and Maintenance of Material and Literature Data”    

  • EDA as groupware for a technical document management with integration of data and models     
  • Practical workshop: integration of material data, literature and full-text documents

Uwe Diekmann: “Working with Reference Databases – Information and Knowledge for Aviation Materials and Steel”     

  • MMPDS and StahlDat with unit conversions and language customizations     
  • Practical workshop: Parameterized material data in brief

14:30 Coffee break and discussions

15:00 Uwe Diekmann: “Costs and Benefits of Material Data – Implementation Aspects for EDA”   

  • Considerations and best practices for an implementation

15:30 Final discussion

16:00 End of the event

Location and time

Matplus GmbH, Hofaue 55, 42103 Wuppertal

Wednesday, 10.04.2019, 09:30 -16: 00

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