Research projects

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Objective of this German-Czech joint project is the horizontal and vertical integration of material data in the Industry 4.0 value chains as well as the derivation of a generic material model for process and system simulation.

A functional prototype will be created to support the data collection, data compression, data analysis, modeling and model distribution along the entire process chain from advanced materials testing of metallic structural materials through inverse analysis and can interface to different CAE/PLM systems.

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Proposal of this project is a development of a material technology kit together with its specific prodcution technology for commercial production of machine knives with focus on food processing industry.

The technology is based on an resource-effective incremental flow-forming together with a pioneer material technology for corrosive resistant martensitic stainless steels. The technology kit is supported by an advanced material property data system in order to find the most effective production technology.

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The project is dedicated to integrated numerical design of cast components along the process chain. It means various fields of expertise are to be combined in order to develop the unified approach for the design of high-performance cast components, which would be useful especially in wind energy and manufacture of heavy-duty machines.