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PolyModSim extends border-crossing lightweight construction with high-performance composite materials

Advances in sophisticated materials engineering for high-performance thermoplastics

Reducing energy consumption and emissions is an important goal in many industrial segments. In the automotive industry, for example, lightweight construction with improved strength, rigidity and passive safety features is required. Thermoplastic polymer components are of increasing interest for proposed lightweight design, as injection molding is known to be cost effective and widely recognized. In terms of materials, the project pursues a hybrid solution approach as a combination of hollow glass spheres with thermoplastic foam injection molding - the result is high-performance composite materials with a high potential for implementation in industrial practice.

The simulation of processes, systems and products is becoming increasingly important. Digital collaboration during the design phase of complex products must include all aspects of conceptual design, process design and compliance management. The aim of the project is therefore to develop concepts and prototype implementation of a modeling and simulation platform that facilitates multilateral cooperation between partners from research and industry in the development of thermoplastic high-performance composite materials. This includes material synthesis, material characterization and the creation of advanced material models for FEA simulations.

Main Focus

The focus is on the practical implementation of results in industrial applications for medium-sized companies. An instance of the leading material data system of Matplus EDA® serves as the backbone for the digital data exchange. The cloud-based platform supports the entire process from the acquisition of data from material testing to data consolidation and analysis to the generation of material cards for the simulation of the manufacturing processes and mechanical properties of the components.


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Project partners

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Vaduz, Liechtenstein
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Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid
Kunststoff-Institut für die mittelständische Wirtschaft NRW GmbH (K.I.M.W.)

Project duration

15.10.2020 till 30.04.2023

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